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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Surprise!! I felt surprise when I read the questions. Well, I attended test, DBA today. I wrote (actually didn't write, just copy-paste from powerpoint into microsoft word hihi..) a note for the test. The lecture ask us to make a note indeed, in an A4 sized paper. You know that the materials for the test is 11 chapter. Never imagine, but I did it! 11 chapter in a paper! Wow! I used Calibri font type and choose 6.5 font size. Hmm.. that's really tiny text. I couldn't read it brightly, although I could read it carefully. Honestly, my eyes was so tired and painful when I made this note. T__T . Well, this is the note I used for the DBA test..Yeah, I think my note is very clean and neat. I like to read it though it's very tiny text. 
Side A

Side B
And how about the test questions? Wow, evidently it was just 5 questions and I think the answer was simple. Fortunately, I got the answer in my note! Yaayy!! I did it for 30 minutes! So fast! Just little modification for some SQL scripts, and I did it smoothly. Many of my friends could do the test very well and we shared the answer after out from the class. Huft, I hope I get the good score (or maybe the highest score haha..) for the test because I can answer all the question based on my note. Wish the best! \^o^/

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