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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I won Nokia Green Ambassador Second Stage

Hmm.. actually that's an old story haha.. I won Nokia Green Ambassador second stage. I was so happy when I knew that. I saw the announcement at (this web held this competition). I wrote two articles, one for second stage competition, and one for third ones. Evidently, my first article was appointed as second winner. I wrote an article about environmental conservation efforts in the form of reporting/ news. I wrote about me and friends activity when we cleaned a river near our dorm. I just wrote about that with my own language style, insert some pictures, and invite people to read, comment, and rate my article. Finally, I won this competition.
Look at the right side at the website! There's my name (Nui)

You know that the prize is Nokia cellular phone. And I got Nokia E72 for second winner, the first got Nokia N97.
Although the prize is delivered rather long time since the winners announced, but it's no problem. Now, I use my new cell phone hehe... that's very good smartphone, brown color (likes gold really), I like it. Thanks Nokia and Kompasiana!


  1. WOW MANTAP NUIIIIIIII..!!!! ngecess :p

  2. iyaa makasih febyy.. aq juga nggak nyangka bisa menang.. ^o^