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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fanmeeting With J-MELO!!! :D

Do you know about J-Melo?? it’s a Japanese Music program from NHK World. J-Melo held a fanmeeting event in Jakarta today. And I was invited to the event. I’m so excited. This event is fvckin wonderful. 

The host of the fanmeeting are May-J and Aiu Ratna. May-J is the host of J-Melo program and she’s a singer too. And Aiu Ratna used to be a vocalist of Indonesian band named GARASI, but now she is a vocalist of a rock band in Japan named The_AIU. May-J and Aiu Ratna are so beautiful. I was shocked with the Aiu’s appearance because she has changed!! She was boyish when she’s in GARASI, but now, she has long and beautiful hair *^*

Aiu Ratna sang two songs at the beginning of this event. She sang “Hilang” and “Imagination”. May-J also sang two songs at the end of this event. I just know one of the songs, “GO! GO! BABY” OTL

I got an opportunity being interviewed twice, with May-J and someone.. mmm.. maybe he’s May-J staff or someone from her management, I don’t know. I was called to the stage and being asked about my name, my favorite Japanese artists, and what I like about them. And OF COURSE I answered with ONE OK ROCK!!! xD When the event was over, someone asked me about May-J’s songs. And I said that her songs are energetic and maybe I’ll make her being my favorite artist too :D

We got a surprise too there!!! There was a video message from The Gazette for Indonesia fans!!! *^* Ruki said that they’re happy having so many requests to be invited to Indonesia, they’re happy to know that their “DIVISION” album has released in Indonesia, and they really want to visit Indonesia *^* The Gazette fans were so happy too and I’m soooo surprised. I wish the video was from ONE OK ROCK lol xD But I’m happy to seeing The Gazette greets us :D

I brought a present for J-Melo, a present from ONE OK ROCK Indonesia Fanbase. Some fanarts and a mail which say thank you for coming to Indonesia. A staff from J-Melo received it and she said thank you very much. She also said that she likes ONE OK ROCK too xD

I feel that I’m so damn lucky being invited to this event. I got a shake hand with May-J and Aiu Ratna. They are sooooo humble and nice. Meeting Aiu Ratna was just a pleasure. It’s a long time not seeing her here, and she came today!! It’s her first time to be here after a long time in Japan :D We talked in Bahasa for a moment and I took a picture of her. Sorry for the photo quality OTL

Aiu Ratna

With May-J

And.. tomorrow I’ll see May-J again!!! She will be on stage for Jakarta Japan Matsuri! :D I’m being a volunteer for Omikoshi parade, so the possibility to meet her directly is quite high :D I’m sooo excited! I want to meet her again *^*

Something I regret the most is…. I DIDN’T BRING A GOOD CAMERA, so I couldn’t take a decent picture at all OTL I thought that it’s forbidden to bring camera, so I didn’t bring it. But there is a break time and the audiences were allowed to take a photo OTL My bad.. I feel sooo bad about that (ToT)

Overall… today was a good day. 

And I can’t wait for tomorrow, Jakarta Japan Matsuri event… I’ll do a gathering with ONE OK ROCK Indonesia Fanbase, carry a “portable Shinto shrine”, and meeting May-J (maybe).