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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Morning, Januari 10th 2010 (100110)

Yeah, today is's likes a binary code, right! And the decimal number is 25...(laugh) reminds me a lesson in college caled COA (Computer Organization and Architecture). This lesson is so make me dizzy (laugh)..

This morning I just can't sleep at 5 o'clock. insomnia is acting up again, hate that T_T...and I woke up at 9 o'clock. My head was dizzy and felt the earth is rotating. But it was almost one week I feel it. Maybe I had to go to the doctor tomorrow. Hope I can recover soon.

I was thinking again about my little business. Since yesterday, I always put off the production, because my health was not supported. Health is really very expensive, right? I find that difficult to do anything when I was sick, and it is very harmful for me.. (cry)

Maybe this warning from God...


Get well soon

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