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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Music list playing :
Tenderly (Boku Dake no Madonna OST Track 7)
Chiisana Koi no Uta (Mongol 800)
Ikenai Taiyou *Orange Range* (Hanakimi)
Secret OST Track 4

Yesterday and Today *Do As Infinity* (Love 2000 OST)

Here We Are Again (Long Vacation OST)
Namida Sora *GreeeeN*
Love & Truth *YUI*
Tomorrow's Way *YUI*
Goodbye Days *YUI*
Konayuki *Remioromen* (1 Liter of Tears OST)
Ippome *Yellow Cherry* (Prince of Tennis Live Action OST) <== baru nemu,,anget!
One (Friends OST)
Reason (Endless Love OST)
Sanagi *Maki Chang* (Aoi Tori OST) <== baru nemu juga

Those are songs that accompany me tonight..

well, I was looking for where Kanata college, but I do not find the information...very sad .

even on his official website that there was no information, maybe it should not be told by his management

he's definitely now in college ...yes he's an adult now! and so looks very handsome, right?

I have forgotten a few days back .. but remember .. I was falling in love again with him (laughs)

apparently he's concentration in his college, because there is no more news about his latest movie or drama ...

but that's okay .. he is one who does not want to miss in education, because he was a public figure so he should continue his education very well...go Kanata!!

I really want to see him act again ... T_T 

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