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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Lovely Family

I'm miss my family, especially my parents . I want to joke, cook, and discuss with them. Because I'm missing them, I want to talk about my family..

My Mother
Her name is Nuryati. She was born in Tulungagung (East Java) at 10th April 1960. Her profession is a teacher. Actually, she teaches History lesson, but now all social science ones at Junir High School.

My Father
His name is Suwarno. He was born in Boyolali (Central Java) at 1st February 1960. His profession is a teacher too. He teaches Indonesia Language at Junior High School.

My Brother
His name is Norman Kristiono. He was born in Jakarta at 14th November 1990. He is now enrolled at Telkom Polytechnic, signed in 2008, majoring in management information. His hobby is games and futsal. He is very interested in computers, same with me.

Well, these are all about my lovely family...

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