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Monday, April 16, 2012

Inspiring Taka...

When I quit where I was before (NEWS), I also quit school. And at that time I was disowned by my parents, I lost everything. I wanted to try and believe, I wanted to penetrate what it was I wanted to do. But to be honest it was really hard. Because, I didn’t have confidence in anything any more…
But, whatever I might have lost I still thought I knew where it was I wanted to be. I swore at that time to face the people I troubled, my parents, the people who I betrayed and I would do my best. From here lets get up high! With that in mind, first I wanted to set a piano, guitar and vocal ballad centered band, only there I thought I could sing and be deep in my whereabouts.
At a live Toru came. “Lets make a band together!” he said. By all means if they were serious, Toru’s words I thought I would see what would come of them. If I’m with them I could seriously strike at something I came to think.
I, till now have always lived thinking I was alone. The fact was I was alone… not opening my heart to many people…but when I met with the members I have now, making people who ask for our sound, I can think I am not alone. Now, I feel the happiness of making my first friends. Because of that maybe, the lyrics lately little by little are changing. With each experience I think that ONE OK ROCK’s sound and songs I want to keep them alive. Each growth I wanted to work hard for and see.
— Taka (2008)
Ngok banget gw baca post ini malem-malem. Gw pertama baca di Tumblr, ternyata di Fanpage Taka di Facebook juga di-post. Nangis gw brooo, jadi pengen peluk Taka, ngeyakinin kalo dia nggak sendirian. Bahkan dia dapet cinta ya banyaaaaaak banget dari fans. Seandainya Taka tahu betapa besar rasa terima kasih fans nya buat dia.... :')

Detik ini gw lagi dengerin OOR biasa... tapi sekarang beda bro rasanya. Gw berasa makin dalem aja dengerinnya. Taka, you're really the best vocalist now, and you've changed a lot of people with your positive influence and inspiring life... and you're not alone, many people love you. Keep rockin'!! x'D

n.b: kalo seandainya hadiah scrapbook bener-bener nyampe ke Taka, semoga dia seneng ya.. :')

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