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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 06 - Favorite photo of Tomoya

Actually, this challenge is little difficult lol xD I can't pick one of tomoya's photos hahaha! But, okay, to finish this challenge, I have to choose one... okay, wait a minute...


THIS!! >_<

He's kawaii (everybody knows)... he always does unique pose lol xD This photo is one of my favorites. Okay, I don't have any other words.. hahaha xD ah, I wanna say to the big bottle, "can I replace you, bottle? I wanna be in your position" hahahaha!! just kidding xD

ummm.. may I add a snapshot of happy tomoya??? :3

Beside Taka, I also favorite the current Tomoya. He's more than kawaii now, he's handsome too! >_< His hair is going to be his old style, but curlier. This is not only current Tomoya's pict I like, but so many new picts of him that I love... his expression... yeah... as usual... hahaha!! Okay, my words run out.. lol xD

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