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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Never Thought....

There are many shocking news in Indonesia recently. I interested to a news about Artalyta Suryani. She is accused in bribery case against a prosecutor, named Urip Tri Gunawan. She was detained at the prison of Pondok Bambu. As all know, prison is very scary place, living in the cell, and together with others prisoner. But for Artalyta, maybe prison is very very good and fun place. How not? In it, she got a very luxurious facilities and no other who could be like that. How did this happen? What is certain, actually there is no more justice in the judiciary. I am really angry to see something like this. By the way,  I was very grateful to the inspection team (who sent by the president) to inspect prison conditions. Based on the news I see on television, prison guards initially refused the inspection team to conduct the examination. But the inspection team remains and eventually forced into this event can be revealed! Two thumbs up for them!
There are some picture about the lux facilities:


Look, there is an AC in closet!

Yeah, there is playground there..for her child when visit there

Artalyta's desk..look, there is a flat TV there and a set of beauty treatment!

A refigeartor, dispenser, and ..... there. Likes in my home ^_^


Why in this country money is always in power? Why are some people who can subordinated by money? Yes, here is applicable law of the jungle. Who is the strongest then he wins. I do not know what or who to blame. I think the law in Indonesia is very good in theory, but 0% in its implementation. Obtained from these events, suggest that the judiciary was surrounded by many legal mafia. 

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